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Collection: Pure Kraft Strong

Besides the well-known benefits of the PURE KRAFT line,
PURE KRAFT STRONG is equipped with a unique and patented
mechanism; the Load Drop mechanism!
This technical revolution allows training with drop sets
as well as sets with different inertia (acceleration of the
load). The user doesn‘t need to change position, and also
doesn‘t need help from a training partner. There is no training
break, so that the maximum training effect can be

Devine Fitness

Equip your commercial or home gym with a diversified array of high-grade gym equipment NZ. At Devine Fitness Equipment NZ, our core business is sourcing premium quality commercial fitness accessories for various commercial operators.

With a lengthy history of running a successful Nelson gym, we sold the fitness centre in 2011 to focus on equipment supply. Using our knowledge of viable exercise machines through our time in the fitness industry, we evaluate and select well-designed, durable workout machines, tried and tested to give clients confidence and results.