Stages Studio Bike Options


Select your ideal studio bike from three Stages options, all boasting the same iconic frame design and premium features.

The SC bike series was created to give members the best rhythm and performance riding experiences, with best-in-class data and connectivity. All SC series bikes are built on the most durable platform for ease of service and maintenance for the operator.

Not sure where to start? Connect with our team of experts to determine the best bike for your studio vision.

Stages SC Series Indoor Bikes
Stages SC3 Indoor Bike



The Stages SC3 is the global leader in premium indoor cycling.

Bike features such as the aluminum frame, CarbonGlyde, magnetic braking system, FitLoc, and SprintShift make it innovative yet simple to maintain. Included on the SC3 is the Stages Power meter, the most accurate, reliable, and consistent direct power meter on the market. Stages Cycling is the only company who has a power meter that is used and endorsed by the most prestigious indoor cycling studios, as well as the world’s most elite outdoor cyclists and teams

Stages SC2 Indoor Bike


Designed for the world’s most popular rhythm classes, the new SC2 is the bike for the studio that wants to take advantage of the smoothest ride and make their awesome instructors shine.

The new and improved SC2 is used by the world’s top boutique studios and sets the standard for rhythm cycling. For the ultimate experience, you can upgrade and customize your SC2 with multiple accessories, including a Stages Power meter.

Stages SC1 Indoor bike



An elegantly simple and proven performer, boasting a solid steel frame with a focus on stability, the SC1 bike is designed to bring a superior cycling experience to studios on a budget.

Ergonomically built and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC1 can be upgraded with the Stages Power meter and a standard battery powered console. The SC1 is our entry level bike, but still offers premium features, and is the perfect bike for the high end studio that is not focusing on data tracking or measurement.


Add data to your performance or rhythm group cycling experience.

Stages Studio is an interactive group display system that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually while in a group environment. Beginning cyclists to pro level racers can all be in the same class and getting the same workout, while simultaneously setting personal goals and tracking their performances.

Instructors have the tools to deliver incredible classes, and present their clients with value and results.


Add a Stages Power meter to any Stages bike to get the best in performance data.

All Stages Power meters are designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado. This hands-on attention to quality and precision ensures every meter achieves the same level of accuracy as we claim.​

Stages Power meters offer 2000+ hours battery life via two standard AA batteries and an LED battery life indicator.


The Stages Power meter seamlessly connects with StagesStudio group cycling software or any cycling computer and smartphone app with ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols. 



Stages studio bikes get over 110 million rides per year. Join today’s most premier studios and clubs in their bike choice.