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Stages SC1 Indoor Bike

Stages SC1 Indoor Bike

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Engineered with value and durability in mind, the STAGES SC1 is backed by trusted Stages quality and low maintenance, innovative features. 

With the same premium fit and feel as SC3, the SC1 is the most durable, reliable, basic bike on the market. Shopping for a gym or cycling studio?

Commercial Grade studio cycle engineered for simplicity and function. The SC1 is Stages’ entry level bike, boasting a steel frame for durability and a smooth ride.


Boasting a solid steel frame with a focus on stability, the SC1 bike is designed to emulate the noticeably smoother feel of freshly cured asphalt that every cyclist yearns for. Ergonomically built and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC1 is our entry level bike, but still offers premium features. It is the perfect bike for the high end studio that is not focusing on data tracking or measurement.


By combining road bike geometry with our RoadBar™ handlebar, StagesFit puts you in a safe, comfortable position for whatever the day’s ride requires. Simple to use, the fore/aft adjustments are on the saddle and handlebars.


  • Backed by Stages’ unparalleled 10-year warranty
  • Combined with a 5:1 gear ratio and perimeter-weighted flywheel, the SC drive system supplies a sublime feeling of inertia for that real outdoor experience
  • No lubrication, maintenance, or replacement costs of a chain or poly-v drive
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