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Collection: Gym80 Plate Loaded- Pure Kraft

The plate loaded series PURE KRAFT is characterized by resistance curves that are perfectly adapted to the respective strength curves, among other things by the use of counterweights specially adapted for this purpose, entry aids, various grip variations, best biomechanics (various adjustment options) and integrated disc trays.

Training on plate loaded machines has long been much more than just a trend. It is a training experience that many exercisers simply do not want to do without. Plate loaded machines combine the robustness of the original dumbbell and barbell training with the training comfort and stability of equipment training. The PURE KRAFT series from gym80 includes over 50 machines – and the number is constantly growing! In addition, gym80 has won several awards with the PURE KRAFT STRONG series! These machines are equipped with a unique and patented mechanism: The Load Drop Mechanism. This can be operated by the user without changing the position. The weight moves in the direction of the rotation axis and thus decreases by about 30%. This allows for more repetitions to create maximum stimulus in the muscle. PURE KRAFT is unique and indestructible – built in the usual gym80 quality “Made in Germany”!

Gym80 Plate Loaded- Pure Kraft

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