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Bodytone Dual Pulley

Bodytone Dual Pulley

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Discover the versatile Bodytone ECDAP Dual Pulley. With its robust design and quality materials, this professional machine gives you the ability to perform chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg exercises. Its double tower of plates of 80 kg each and its progressive adjustment allow you to adapt the workout to your needs.

Weight Plates

Double 80kg plate tower per tower, with 5 kg plates. Ultra-quiet movement.
Protective rubber bumpers on anti-impact base. Protective pvc bumpers between plates.


Ultra-quiet ball bearings with smooth sliding, allowing a more fluid and pleasant running of the exercise.


Nylon with internal bearing and silent running.
9 pulley system per plate tower.


Double handlebars with one hand grip in non-slip PVC.
Rope handle with one hand grip. Two-hand grip rope handlebar.
Steel squat bar.


Integral double-sided metal fairing made of 1.5 mm thick carbon steel plate, protecting from possible accidents. accidents.




Double support, with carabiner for handle exchange. Double pulley for progressive execution of the exercise. Pop pin adjustment in 20 positions.

Central backrest.
Adjustable in height in 8 positions and adjustable in depth, with telescopic tube regulated by pop pin with 11 positions. Made of Foam measures 290×175, covered in imitation leather, anti-allergic and easy to clean.

Painting Process

3 coats of paint.
Steel pickled and stabilized by total immersion of the parts in different degreasing solutions to guarantee a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antirust primer to guarantee an adequate isolation of the internal oxidation and a good adherence of the paint. 2 final coats of polyester epoxy powder paint, dried at 240ºC.

Design Process

Biomechanics and ergonomics study under the supervision of professionals and associated athletes. After a long period of design; from the sketch, engineering research, prototype production, testing by professional athletes, our products go to market.


Carbon steel tube of 100×50 cm and 2.5 mm thick welded by robotized process, free of projections. Structural connection plates of 12 mm, for an extra rigid joint.


Handlebar guides: 40 x 40 mm carbon steel tube, with 20 laser numbered and stamped positions for pulley adjustment.
Plate guides in 20 mm calibrated steel. Double hardened chrome plating treatment for better sliding.

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