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Bodytone Abdominals-Back Extension FD08

Bodytone Abdominals-Back Extension FD08

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The Forza Dual 80kg Abdominal-Back Extension machine offers the possibility of performing dual exercises to strengthen the abdominals and back. With antibacterial, anti-sweat seats and ultra-quiet pulleys for a comfortable and efficient experience.


Dual is a line created to make the most of space, allowing you to perform two exercises at maximum performance on the same machine

Plate guide

Stainless steel guides with double hardened chrome plating to ensure fluid sliding.


Pulleys made of Nylon with V-groove, to maximize their resistance and make the activity ultra-quiet.


Our weight machines have backrests and seats made of Foam, covered in imitation leather, anti-allergic and easy to clean.

Assembled dimensions 131 x 137 x 153cm

optional 80 kg 90kg 100kg weight stacks 


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