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Reebok 15kg Olympic Bar

Reebok 15kg Olympic Bar

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The Reebok training bar is ideal for those looking to develop their all-round strength. It is often utilised in Olympic lifting, Power lifting and Crossfit capacities, to develop compound lifting strength, Olympic lifting technique (made easier through the 25mm diameter handle) or muscular endurance. The brass bushings paired with the 4 needle bearings (unique for a 15kg bar) make the mobility of the collar ideal for any lifting that requires momentum (whip). The bar itself is comprised of a high quality steel that is coated with black nickel on the handle and a nice chrome finish on the sleeves. This provides a great deal of strength (140K psi) and ductility for a 15kg bar. The training bar is a lighter and more manoeuvrable option to the full 7ft Olympic bar, ideal for if you are starting your fitness journey or if you are looking to refine and sculpt techniques in any lifting discipline.

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