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Reebok Yoga Mat RSYG-11024 Light Grey

Reebok Yoga Mat RSYG-11024 Light Grey

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Reebok yoga Mat Grey

Traction, cushioning and improved balance – these are the key benefits of using a premium quality studio Yoga mat.

4mm thick, the Reebok Studio Yoga mat provides the essential traction and cushioning you need for all poses, enabling you to position yourself as necessary with your feet planted solidly on the ground.

With a cushioned Yoga mat beneath you, you can work on improving your balance by sinking your feet in just a little bit to give you more support. Plus, the mat is 173cm long so it’s a large enough space for your practice.

While yoga isn’t all about the look of the mat, it is an important consideration for studios looking for a uniformed and professional look for their space. The modern black and white design ensures it fits any class environment. Plus with two eyelets, the Reebok Yoga mat can be efficiently and neatly stored away on the Reebok Mat Rack after the class.

  • 2 integrated eyelets for easy storage on a Reebok Mat Rack
  • Dimensions: 173 x 61 x 0.4cm
  • Durable construction for regular use
  • Offers traction for all Yoga poses and prevents slipping
  • Yoga mat formed from 4mm thick foam to maintain consistency when compressed
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